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It's cool for cans (and bottles), thanks to BrewDog's new chilled supply chain intiative

BrewDog’s fresh chilled approach

Those insufferably cool dudes at BrewDog have introduced a new chilled supply chain process to make sure all the Scottish brewer’s beers are stored below 8 degrees Celsius as they are shipped around the UK.

Working with Glasgow-based logistics specialist XPO, the project matches warehouse temperatures with cellars at the 30 BrewDog bars around the country.

It marks another step up in quality assurance at the company, which already boasts what it describes as the most technologically-advanced beer quality laboratory in the whole of Europe.

“Beer kept cold keeps its flavour and quality for longer, and that’s a fundamental requirement for us,” said James Watt, who with Martin Dickie founded BrewDog a decade ago.

“We live by the quality of our beer, and our commitment to this chilled process will ensure we never let it drop below 8 degrees.

“The craft beer scene in the UK is at an insanely exciting and pivotal point just now. Facilitating freshness will help ensure beer drinkers get their hands on only the best quality from us.” 

No expenditure figure regarding the cost of keeping beer chilled in the supply chain has been provided, save a generalised comment from a BrewDog spokesperson that they have “invested heavily in the process”. 

Thanks to brands such as Punk IPA, which claims to be the best-selling craft beer in UK supermarkets, BrewDog almost doubled domestic sales last year.

June 15th, 2017
Phil Mellows

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