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Artist's conception of Beavertown's microbrewery at Tottenham Hotspur's new grounds: claimed that it will be the world's first microbrewery to be located in a football stadium

Beavertown partners with Spurs amidst Heineken speculation

Beavertown’s building of a brewery and taproom in the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium has fuelled speculation that it is in talks with Heineken, the Premier League club’s official beer partner, to take a substantial stake in the craft brewer.

Rumours broke of a possible deal after Beavertown announced an ambitious expansion project at the end of May. The Mergermarket website revealed it had been briefed on a possible deal by three separate sources.

One said Heineken could pay “well over £100 million” for up to half of the business, making it a similar move, on a larger scale, to its investment in Brixton Brewery last November.

Beavertown declined to comment, while Heineken said: “It’s our policy not to comment on rumour and speculation in the marketplace.”

Meanwhile, Beavertown, founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, the son of Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant, revealed it is installing a “full-scale” Braukon kit at Tottenham, less than two miles from its north London home, and become the club’s ‘official craft beer supplier’ in the first deal of its kind in the Premier League.

Beers will be brewed on a daily basis, including Neck Oil IPA and collaboration brews with Spurs fans. These will be served from bars throughout the stadium while the Beavertown Tottenham Taproom in the South East corner will showcase a broader range from the brewer’s portfolio.

“The opportunity to work with Tottenham Hotspur to deliver the Premier League’s first microbrewery is something of which we are immensely proud,” commented Logan Plant. “It offers us an amazing opportunity to get our beers into the hands of a new audience, the thirsty football fan masses, which in turn gives us the ability to grow our own fan base.

“Brewing on site and serving our beer just metres from where it’s brewed is super exciting, and we aim to stimulate the Spurs fan and take them on a Beavertown journey.”

Matthew Collecott, director of operations at Tottenham, described the “unique concept of a microbrewery and taproom inside a football stadium” as “part of our ambition to offer all our guests a unique matchday experience.”

The microbrewery is believed by Tottenham Hotspur to be the first that will be operational in a football stadium in the world.

Phil Mellows 
8th June 2018

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