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Managing director Gerald Michaluk: "simply trying to keep up with market demand"

Arran Brewery sweet on sour beers

Ever ambitious Arran Brewery is moving with the times, commissioning a brewery that will be dedicated to sour beer production at its site in Dreghorn, north Ayrshire.

The irony of Arran contemplating brewing a sour beer after years of trying not to do so isn’t lost on managing director Gerald Michaluk.
“How the brewing world has changed in the last 10 years,” he said. “Novelty beers have become the fad and we are simply trying to keep up with market demand.”

The sour beer brewery will be separate from the from the brewery on Arran to prevent cross contamination of the sour and Arran’s traditionally brewed beers.

The first batches of sour beer are expected to be available only in 2019. The intent is to age the beers in Arran Distillery casks to generate a uniquely Arran style of sour beer.

Arran also says that it has in development plans for its first ciders, sake and gin this year. These will be produced in small quantities for specialist retailers.

Arran, founded in 2000, has over the last four years become something of a property developer. In addition to sites acquired on the mainland with the intent of someday expanding brewing operations, it also has ambitions to set up an affiliated PubCo. To that end it has acquired several additional sites. The Arran Brewery and its parent company now have a property portfolio in their accounts valued at just over £2.4 million.

Larry Nelson
23rd January 2018

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