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Portobello brands front and centre at The George & Dragon: brewpub plant an opportunity to experiment with beer styles



Portobello Brewing enters brewpub arena

West London firm Portobello Brewing Co has opened a brewpub with multiple operator Remarkable Pubs.

The George & Dragon in Acton, formerly home to the Dragonfly Brewery, will serve as Portobello’s tap room while also supplying beers to the rest of Remarkable’s 15-strong estate spread across the capital.

The pub’s manager, Riccardo Pulcinelli, also brews for Oxfordshire-based Clouded Minds, so there will be opportunities for collaborations between the two.

“We didn’t have a brewery tap before, so we had to entertain visitors at our industrial unit, and while people like coming to a brewery there’s nothing really there for them,” said Portobello director Joe Laventure. “Now we can entertain them at the George & Dragon.”

The deal involves the brewer picking up the running costs of the three-barrel kit already installed at the Acton site, and eventually producing “one or two bespoke beers” for Remarkable.

Portobello’s second brewer Sandor Toth has been delegated to the George & Dragon and charged with coming up with some innovative brews.

“With our main plant close to capacity, this is a good way for us to experiment with different styles,” said Laventure. “We have already created a pilsner with orange for our opening night at the pub.”

Previously, Dragonfly was brewing on only an occasional basis as Remarkable focused on its expanding pub operations, explained the PubCo’s managing director Elton Mouna.

“So this is the perfect partnership for us,” he went on. “It’s mutually beneficial, a showcase for Portobello’s beers and innovation, while producing some interesting beers for us to sell.

“We want all our managers to work with Portobello on one-off special brews for their pubs, and with Riccardo already a brewer himself there is definitely scope for collaboration.”

Phil Mellows
6th August 2018

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