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Read carefully: point-of-sale material explains cask beer to Italian drinkers

Cask ale first: regular exports underway to Italy

Bristol’s Moor Beer is claiming to be the first British brewer to export cask ale to Italy on a continuous basis after signing a deal with Bologna-based distributor Ales & Co.

Owner and head brewer Justin Hawke said the company is “shipping small quantities multiple times a month – to keep everything fresh.”

He added, “This is an exciting deal for us and an opportunity to increase interest in cask beers in a major market eager to explore great products.”

Interest in beer in Italy has surged over the last decade as more than a thousand microbrewers have started up and craft beers have arrived from all over the world.

Now cask beer is offering drinkers something new – and perhaps surprisingly it’s not the strong, hoppy brews Italian drinkers have favoured to date.

“It’s actually the session beers that are the main ones they want,” explained Hawke. “In Italy, the cask versions of our Nor’Hop and Stout are fantastically popular.

“There are exceptions, but they generally suit cask much better while more modern styles like IPAs benefit from higher carbonation levels.”

While some Italian bars serve the beers on gravity from the cask, most have installed British-style handpumps, he said. “They really love the theatre.”

Ale & Co has produced point-of-sale material to educate Italian drinkers in the differences between cask and keg beer. The company’s Lorenzo Fortini said it was paying particular attention to quality with Moor’s ales shipped in refrigerated containers to ensure they arrive in great condition.

“Cask beer is relatively new to Italian drinkers, so we are determined to introduce them to the finest available,” he said.

“Planning ahead with the brewer means we can inform our customers in advance about what is coming, and we carefully select the venues that can handle the products, from storage to venting the casks and serving the beer in the best condition.

“We are delighted to have organised this continuous supply deal with Moor and look to building the distribution and profile of the beers.”

Phil Mellows
23rd January 2018

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