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Purity director of brewing Flo Vialan: praised for his development of beer portfolio, brands    

Vialan, Nunny honoured by Parliamentarians

Flo Vialan, director of brewing at Purity Brewing, and Paul Nunny, founder of Cask Marque, have been honoured by the country’s Parliamentarians in their annual awards.

The All Party Parliamentary Beer Group lauded Vialan for his development of Purity’s range of beers as well as for his commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

The Frenchman, who hails from Lyon, has been Purity’s head brewer for nearly 11 years, joining Purity a year after its set-up in 2005. Over the intervening years Vialan has seen volumes grow to 30,000 barrels with a new brewery built in a rural environment.

The Brewer of the Year is nominated by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. In making the nomination, the IBD considers not only the brewing expertise of the individual but also their wider commitment to beer, brewing, people and the community.

For his work in the creation of Cask Marque and for being the driving force behind the organisation since its inception 20 years ago, Paul Nunny was recipient of the Parliamentarian’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In the words of APPBG secretary Paul Hegarty in announcing Nunny’s award, “He remains endlessly curious about the sector – and about the people who work in it. There are few people he doesn’t know in the industry, few committees he hasn’t sat on at some point, and he is always happy to share his advice and experience. In his 50-year career, he has been one of the most energetic and tireless people promoting beer and pubs in the industry.”

Nunny was also lauded as one of the founders of the Beer Academy, for being the Honorary Treasurer of the British Guild of Beer Writers “for longer than anyone can remember” and for being the driving force behind Cask Ale Week and the annual Cask Ale Report. He has also recently created a website for people who want to book a stay in one of the 50,000 bedrooms in British pubs.

The All Party Parliamentary Beer Group is the largest cross-party interest group in Parliament with around 400 MPs and Peers in membership. Amongst its aims are to promote the wholesomeness and enjoyment of beer and the unique role of the pub in UK society

Larry Nelson
15th August 2017

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